Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Have Arrived

The flight over here was LONG. We all made it through customs,
security, and on board with no issues. We were kind of scattered over
the plane but over all had great seats. Tim even had a window seat.
We had an unevenful stop in Rome for gas and off we were to our
destination here in Addis.
We got through the very long Visa line, got money exchanged and all of
our luggage made it here in one piece.
We had no issues going through security so we were on our way. No
issues with the formula.
We piled all of us and all of our luggage in one 20 passenger van. We
were all used to being in close quaters so it wasn't anything new.
I think as we were standing outside waiting for the luggage to loaded
it was very surreal for many of us.
We got to our guest house and realized it wasn't the same one we had
been in before. The rooms are much smaller and the bathrooms are
outside. We decided to move over to the Catholic Guesthouse in the
morning. We will do that after our work at the Mercy Home.
We went to a great place for pizza lunch then on to the Ethiopian
Orthodox church. What a wonderous building. Very ornate beautiful and
reverent. We took pics but aren't able to get them uploaded yet.
We are all well, but exhausted.
Thank you for all of your prayers thus far. They are holding us up.
Tomorrow is Mercy Orphan's home doing some work in the girls dorm.

More soon....


  1. Praise the Lord! Lifting you all in prayer every single day during your trip! (I am a friend of Andrea's)

  2. Praying here too! I am so glad you all made it safe. Sorry about the guesthouse. This trip will be so amazing, i know it!

  3. Brita, thinking of you and the team! Glad you are there safely. Kevin & Amy

  4. Hope things are going well today or is it evening by now over there! So confusing with the time difference. Thank God you made it there safe and sound! Take care and post pictures!

  5. We are all praying for you guys and your families!! PEACE!