Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get To Know The Team!

So, we have spent one week together and we have learned some interesting facts about each team member!  Here are some highlights!  Enjoy!

Brita loves Carolyn's hair!  It is amazing . . . she can wash and go and it looks great!  Wish mine did!

Carolyn likes how Rick is from Mexico.  (Ok, he's not . . . that's was makes it so funny!)

Mark is taken with Tim's shoes . . . "Tim's shoe socks make me want to shake his foot!"

Robert thinks it's funny how Tim like to yell out "____, ____, ____" when he sees a donkey!

Andrea is impressed with Esther's dancing skills!

John says that Starbursts make Rick hyper.

The entire team is amused that John gets his cloths ironed everyday . . . even here is Ethiopia!

Esther say's Brita's bubbly personality makes you want to wear shades!

Doug thinks it's funny that Tim loves donkeys and yells whenever he sees them!

Mark did not know that Methodists were so into tagging!  (You see, we have a VBUMC magnet that keeps appearing on items in Ethiopia.  Our biggest challenge so far is trying to get it on a donkey . . . but I'm sure we will be successful at some point!  We will make sure you see the picture when it happens!)

Tim had no idea Andrea is inked (has tattoos)!

Rick thinks it's cool that the eldest person on our team, Esther, is the hardest working!

Life is too short and the planet is too big to stay in one place too long!

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  1. You guys crack me up :) Keep Up the GOD work. See ya in a week

    Love Ya, Don Gaines