Thursday, April 8, 2010


Thursday began with hearing the Muslim call to prayer and Catholic Church bells . . . what a nice way to wake up!  After 8:00 breakfast, Elizabeth led our Devotion and Robert led us in song.  Elizabeth focused on Phil 4:8-10 . . . putting the Word into action . . . exposure to God's word is not enough, it must be put into action . . . and that is what we are doing here!  Mark, our YWAM leader, expressed his gratefulness for our presence in Ethiopia.  He says we are surly doing the Lords work . . . as you can imagine, that made our morning!

After Devotional, we were off to the Girls Compound again.  We practically completed all of the project intended for us yesterday so we would need to find more work to do . . . and you can imagine we found things to do!  Esther painted a hop scotch board on the cement and we had a blast teaching Helen and the cook how to play!  You might not know but Ester is pretty good at hop scotch!  Tim, Robert and John helped but up new lighting in the dining room, kitchen and living room.  Carolyn, Rick, Ester and Doug completed the difficult work in the kitchen . . . making a counter over the old stove (which by the way, was not flat or straight in any way)!  We also wrapped up the painting and shelve construction. 

Elizabeth and Brita (both school teachers) could not resist the desire to check out an Ethiopian school.  So we convinced Helen, a 7th Grader, to let us walk her back to school after lunch.  She reluctantly agreed after we promised not to come in and talk to her teachers!  Tiblets, a 19 year old in 9th grade, walked with us so we would not get lost coming home. 

When there was down time and the girls were home from school, we brought out the donated materials and colored crosses and fans.  The girls loved this!  Even Ruth, the House Mother, got in to the decorating!

Later in the afternoon, the boys (from the boy's compound, which is just around the corner) came over.  All of the children, and several of us, enjoyed playing with the donated soccer balls!  5 soccer balls would go home with the boys and 5 would stay with the girls.  This was a wonderful ending activity.

With one final prayer and photo op . .  . we were loaded on the van back to our place to wash up for the evenings activity . . . dinner at a cultural restaurant!  The food was delicious and we all found out that Esther is a great dancer!  She will have to show you her moves when we get back!

This post sure got long fast!  We will write more later!

Peaceful evening to you!

Life is too short and the planet is too big to stay in one place too long!

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  1. Ask John why he didn't join Esther's dancing. I signed him up to be liturgical dancer at church and he is supposed to be honing his skills! Where are the pictures??? Take care! Love, Heidi