Monday, April 12, 2010

Forgot about the dancing . . .

We are having so much fun being the hands and feet of Jesus, I totally forgot to share about our evening at a "Cultural Restaurant."  On Thursday evening, we ate dinner at Hebir Ethiopia Cultural Restaurant and it was a hoot!  One thing we have learned is that nothing happens quickly here . . . dinner lasted at least 2 1/2 hours!  We were seated in a traditional horse shoe arrangement with four gubeta's (handmade Ethiopian tables made from teff straw) in the middle.  We ordered drinks and eventually we were given menus.  We ordered everything on the menu . . . the hot and spicy collection, the meat collection and the vegetarian collection (which, by the way, had fish in it!?).  Before our food came, our waitress came to wash our hands the traditional Ethiopian way . . . using warm water in a tea pot . . . that was cool!  Our food arrived and we dug in . . . using our right hand because you know Ethiopians don't use silverware.  (You use the right hand because the left hand is considered contaminated.)  We ate the traditional injeria bread with our meal and it wasn't half bad!  During the meal, we were treated to a show of cultural dancing and it was phenomenal!  The way the dancers moved was insane!  Like Andrea told us . . . it looks like their shoulder blades are disjointed!  The costumes were beautiful and the music was divine!  But the piece de resistance was Esther's dancing debut!  One of the male dancers came over to our area and grabbed her hand and started dancing with her . . . and you know Esther, she got right into it!  Her dancing made the evening complete!  Yeah Esther!  When dinner was finished, we learned a valuable lesson here in Ethiopia, patience is a virtue!  Mark asked for the check numerous times but it never came . . . really!  By the time we were practically asleep the waitress was seen coming with something in her hand.  Mark jumped up and took it from her.  Shortly after that, we were back in the van heading back to the Catholic Guest House for much needed sleep!

Life is too short and the planet is too big to stay in one place too long!

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