Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today started with sleeping in!  Breakfast was a whole 30 minutes later so we could catch up on our sleep.  After breakfast, Carolyn gave her devotion based on Phil 4:8.  She tied that passage to the creation of a pearl . . . how a pearl comes into being because the oyster was pierced, damaged.  And from that trauma, a beautiful creation came forth.  What a great lens to see through while we are here in Ethiopia. 

After a leisurely breakfast and Devotion, we were off to Adama, a town south east of Addis Ababa and the sight of our second orphanage.  But before we would reach Adama, we would stop in T'ede to support a pastor and his flock there.  T'ede is a village of 5,000, 50 of which worship at this little church.  T'ede is a very poor community . . . mud houses, outdoor toilets, no electricity or running water.  The people we met had tattered clothes and the children's clothes were incredibly dirty and one little girl was even wearing a thick, wool-like dress . . . mind you, it's REALLY hot here!  It was heartbreaking!  When we pulled out the shoes we purchased on the way and the soccer balls, children's health kits and candy we had, you should have seen everyone's faces!  It was wonderful!  It did not take too much convincing to get the kids to play some soccer.  So we were off to an open field to play soccer with children.  Soccer on the savannah in Ethiopia . . . now that is something we will never forget! There was even some Volleyball played.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave T'ede and head to Adama.  As we traveled south east from Addis, the scenery changed from crowded streets and polluted air to rocky soil hills and Acacia (flat top) and Eucalyptus (straight up) trees.  The sun was shining and there were fluffy white clouds in the sky.  God sure did make an amazing planet!  As Carolyn put it, "We are in Africa now!"  Amen, sister!

Stay tuned to more "Good News!"

Life is too short and the planet is too big to stay in one place too long!

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