Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting prepared!

The team had a great meeting last night.

We are preparing for the last minute details. There sure is alot to do between now and the time we leave!

We are working on bible story material to share with the kids and widows. We will be collecting formula for the babies, and care kits for the older kids and nanny's.

We have a yard sale on March 6th. We are taking a bit of a different approach to it this time however. We are having a "Make your own generous donation offer" Sale. We aren't pricing anything, just asking people to make donations to our trip. Saves us the hassle of pricing items and allows people to make a contribution. :o) We will be trusting God with the outcome. He's sure been faithtful so far!

Speaking of faithful, we had some amazing news from our Mission Commission at the church. They have told us that they will fund any shorage we have after we have finished all fund raisers. So we are FULLY FUNDED! What I pray is that we will have such an outpouring of support and love that we won't have to rely on the Commission's funds, but it's sure a blessing to know that we do not have to stress about it!

Please continue to pray for our team.


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